Artist Statement

I dreamed of becoming an artist as a child, but they told me it would be too hard. I listened.  I turned away from my muse and chose more practical things, but nothing suited me. Years later, I stopped running, picked up a paintbrush, and never looked back. Other than high school art and a handful of informal classes, I am self-taught.

These paintings create themselves. I rarely sketch in a notebook. For the most part, I prepare a background with collage or several paint layers, then stare into the canvas, waiting for the image to appear. As I outline what I see, the rest slowly develops. Intuition plays a large role. It is deeply meditative, trance-like.  I add one layer after another and, until I finally step back and it is done.

My work centers on themes of nature, magical realism, and especially the strong, feminine spirit. I know these women. They are the mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, goddesses, matriarchs, and mother earth, herself. They are the women that came before us. They know who they are. They have stories to tell. Acrylic and mixed media are just the tools I use to bring them to life.

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Acrylic and Mixed Media Arts